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Meet Our Team

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Brian Vetter

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Owner/General Manager

Heather Tully

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Operations Manager

"In 10 years I have purchased over 50 trucks from A Better, and each time was treated just as fairly as the first time I ever bought their equipment."

- Don Wilkson
D&E Trucking

"As far as I'm concerned, A Better and its staff are the best in the business."

- Tim Evans

Time-tested experience from people you can trust

Willie Blackmon

Used Semi Dealer

"It's always a pleasure relying on Brian's ability to assist with appraisals and valuation of equipment. He's always right on the market."

- Eric V. Anderson

Senior Vice President, F&M Bank

Shop Manager

"When I'm in the market to buy a truck, the first person I call is Brian Vetter at A Better Used Trux."

- Tim Tolliver
Owner, D.I.R.T.Y.

Bryan Benson



"I can't count the number of trucks I've bought over the last 10 years from Brian, but every piece of equipment is making me money."

- Jim Dempsey
Owner, RI Dempsey & Quality Trucking Inc.

Owen Vetter

Owen Vetter.jpg

"I was very impressed with the fleet appraisal performed by Brian and his field operatives on a 600 truck and trailer fleet. I'd recommend him to anyone in need."

- Greg Mcphee
Vice President/Relationship Manager, Bank of the West

Sales Manager

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